Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And As We Say Goodbye... 2010, we say hello to 2011.  It's almost new years, and I have been thinking a lot about what I've done this year- what I want to do next year and mostly about what I couldn't have done without my group of guys.  Each day we send each other emails saying if we were compliant or not to our commitment.  Some days it's just "compliant", some days it's "non-compliant".  One of the most profound things that Matt B. has told me this year is it's not about how many times you fall but about how quickly you get up after falling.  The enemy for anyone that has ever struggled with weight is most often Their own self doubt.  since April 1, 2010 I have lost 115lbs. My goal for this year is to be done with this weight loss journey.  I want to be on maintenance (to maintain a healthy weight and not have to lose anymore to have a "normal" BMI)
On April 1, 2011 I want be below 250lbs. I am committing myself to being 185lbs by December 2011- Come hell or high water.

I am going to need a tremendous amount of strength and encouragement to do this- but I know that the people in my camp can help me see it through.  What an incredible year it's been.  What a journey, so far.  The journey continues.  The next time I weigh in it will be 2011- Here's to a fantastic New Year.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm sorry, so sorry.

Hello blog readers-
It has been a crazy December!!!!!  I can't believe it's already half-way gone.  This has been a great month. 
This past week I lost just over 5 lbs.
During the holidays it is especially hard to be on any kind of diet because of the ENDLESS amount of food that is put in front of you at Parties, Family Gatherings, Work, and of course at Home.  Here's a tip- If you're out, and have options that are less than healthy (eat as little as possible) You don't have to join in and gorge yourself- BE SENSIBLE!

I am encouraged by the progress that all the guys and gals are making on T8WC.  I am down to 292lbs at last weigh in- so by the end of the year...if I hit my goal each week...I'll be down to....280lbs (or very close to it)  The last time I weighed close to that was when I was a Sophomore in high school.  I am going to places I've never been as a grown adult.  I bought my first pair of 42 jeans, and a new jacket that is a size XL! 

This is a picture of the 5XL Coat I wore last Christmas.

Hard to believe.  But I will never need that thing again.  I've sold or donated ALL of my clothes and coats that I am too small for now.  Bags and boxes full.  The thing is- When you're overweight, you really accumulate clothes, because you're always outgrowing them.  No longer. 
I'll probably get in one or two more posts before the end of the year- Definitely one with my T8WC New Year Resolutions.

Take care everybody- Go Win Today!

Monday, November 29, 2010

How Did I Ever Get This Way?

I was just looking back at some pictures of me from the beginning of 2010 (before I started working out at all)  I just am shocked to see the state I was in.  I will never go back there again- only forward to a healthier, skinnier Luke.

Check it out for yourself.
Now                         Then

Even after Thanksgiving (which we were allowed to have as a reward day off the diet) I am down 4lbs.  We'll see how I do on Saturday.  Hope to lose a few more by the end of the week. 


Monday, November 22, 2010

1st Century

Yes, the rumors are true- I have officially lost 100 lbs!!

WOOOO HOOOO!  I am amazed at the transformation that I've experienced not only on the outside- but on the inside.  God continues to give blessings.

The rest of me is committed to getting to full fitness. 
Thanks for all the encouragement and motivation.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Right to the Point

I had a lackluster week before this past one (not losing any weight) so I guess I pushed a little harder and further in the gym than I had previously.  I knocked down 8.4lbs- bringing me 2lbs away from my first Century loss.  I'm now at 303.

We are at it again this week- pushing ourselves to the limit. 
I am trying to prepare for the Thanksgiving day run

- and it's going......okay.  It's been slow- my ankle is my biggest deterrent from running- it starts to hurt, shooting pains, and then I'm done.  So, I'm hoping that getting some running shoes will help me get on the right track.. ONLY 9 Days to go!

Stay strong- Be good :)


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Muscle Milk is My New Favorite Treat!

"First little thought that came through my brain- I use to love to snack on chocolate and chips and junk like that.  But now, since I've reprogrammed my appetite- I actually crave something good for me (like almonds or a protein shake).  It's pretty cool."

So, 2 weeks ago I came in here with a big disappointing gain. BOO!  This past weekend, after really kicking it hard at the gym- I brought in a 5.8lb LOSS!  Hellllls yeah! 
(sorry, I couldn't help myself) So, I am feeling great about that.  

I now weigh (if you can believe it) 311lbs.  On April 1st I weighed 401lbs....carry the 2...I am now just 10lbs away from 100lbs lost.  This literally makes my head spin (you should see that- it's cool and scary at the same time)  I hope to be down those final 10lbs in 2 weeks.  We'll see how it goes.  Just gotta remember to eat on time (every 2 hours- eat compliant food) and work out intensely for at least 40 minutes a day. 
            In other news....
I signed up for the
(DUN-DUH-DAH!!!) We are doing it as Team T8WC.  It is going to be insane.  If you want to come and support- it's Thanksgiving morning at 9AM out at the Sprint Campus in Overland Park, KS.
It is going to be a time of Celebration for the progress that has been made.  I am excited to be a part of it. 
More information: visit the site to get directions- or to sign up to participate.

Go win this week.  I will be trying my level best to do the same.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cold Can't Keep You Down

I haven't had a week where I went in reverse (gaining instead of losing).  That is, until this past weekend.
After a week of illness- losing 12lbs, then losing another 2 the next week, my body finally returned to normal hydration and this past weekend, the truth teller showed me a 0.6 lb gain.  That might not seem like much, you might be like "LUKE it's LESS THAN A POUND! Quit freakin out!"  But.  I can't get it out of my head that I gained.  I take it as a challenge- This week I have been busting my butt at the gym- just really trying to do what Matt B. talks about- Going till failure.   I have been doing that. 

This morning I had a little encouragement from a stranger.  I was on the elliptical just doing my thing, and this older guy on the elliptical next to me says "Wow! You're really pluggin' away on that, aren't you?"  I smiled and told him "Yep, I'm trying".  He said "you've lost a lot of weight haven't you?  How much have you lost?"
When I told him 85lbs he said "You can really tell, I've seen you up here working out- every day don't you?"
I told him 6 days a week- and he told me it was great to see the progress.

Now, I don't know this guy from Adam.  He's just a stranger- but I know- that God uses people in our circles to give us encouragement, even if we don't know they're watching.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Pound for Pound

Wow! What a week- This past week was crazy.  Getting back to the gym after being sick was really tough- but really good.  I hit my cardio goal!!  40 Minutes on the elliptical (20 on level 12, 20 on level 13.) 
My beautiful girls had their birthdays (Natalia on the 14th and Cecilia's on the 17th) So it was a good week all around. 

I lost 2 lbs .  I'm feeling good- and I know I'm going to break the 300lb mark really soon!  I have found some great ways to stay on top of my diet and still enjoy the food. (Most people think that eating healthy means eating bland foods---this isn't true!! Healthy can taste really, really good!)
If you want to see some recipes-just go to my other blog (

Take care everyone.
Be smart, Live strong-


Monday, October 11, 2010

Train Keeps a Rollin'

Well, after a one week sickness-fest at the LoChiano house- we're still kinda feeling sick.  I (Luke) am feeling much better.  Leah is still feeling some of the symptoms.  Keep praying that she makes a full recovery soon!   I went to the TRUTH TELLER on Saturday and weighed in.   I took the dehydration/starvation pretty hard- I actually lost 12 lbs.  Now- hear me when I say this- I DO NOT ENDORSE OR APPROVE STARVATION WEIGHT LOSS, IT'S A REACTION TO AN UNHEALTHY BODY. NOT A WEIGHT LOSS PLAN!!!

Having said that-  I know, that I will probably gain some of that back- since I can drink the right amount of water and eat pretty normally again (back on plan).  and that is fine!  I am happy to be back.

just thinking:
We always say the excuses in our head (I'm too tired to workout, I'm hungry, I deserve this snack, I had a hard day and I need this!)  But that's where those thoughts and excuses have to stay.  They can't impact us or make us react negatively towards ourselves. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Okay- on Monday morning, Leah and I both started feeling really bad- like achy, sore, tired, nauseous, headaches (FLU) or so we thought.

Tuesday: I couldn't function as a human,  I barely made it out of bed to get something to drink with the Tylenol.  I ate nothing, I drank practically nothing all day and night- just miserable, and poor Leah, not feeling good- but she had babysitting kids to turn away.  Wednesday:  after another grueling night and early morning we decided to go into the Dr. because we were both severely dehydrated.  after 3 hours of waiting, we were given IV fluids, nausea meds, antibiotics, and I had the unpleasant luck of having to drink a "GI Cocktail"  Which is a Maalox, peptobismol and oral lidocaine.  YUK!  made me gag a little. 
After all the labs came back on our blood- the doc thinks we may have Hepatitis A- not the flu. 
for more info go here.
it's not a airborne virus or anything so don't freak out.  We're on medicine that should fix it.  We'll see...
Thursday: we are at home, feeling slightly better, but not out of the woods yet.
Pray for us both- As the day wears on, I'm feeling less and less healed, and I'm sure Leah's feeling pretty bad too.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Keep on Going!

Well, I had another loss this week- Praise God.  2.4lbs down this last week.  I want to do better though... when you lose 7 lbs one week and 2 the next you start wanting those big loss numbers!!  My new cardio goal is to go 1 hour on the elliptical.  This should be interesting.  Took a shot at that this morning- made it 30 minutes (2 miles) and was just tired.  I need to hydrate better before and during my long cardio workouts.  I have started stretching better- and that has helped. 
I love the results I'm seeing.  I got my hair cut today- and I hadn't seen the stylist in several months- the first thing she said to me was "you're looking really good, have you lost weight?"  Those comments never get old. 
Gotta keep going to the end of the road- how long that will take I don't know, but I do know this...
I can do ALL things, through Christ, who strengthens me.


Monday, September 20, 2010

under par (in a bad way)

I had a hard last week.  I found out my running skills aren't as good as I thought they were. 
I had been under the assumption that 10 laps at the gym was a mile-'s actually 14.  So I recommitted myself to running at the outdoor track and running a 1 mile loop in my neighborhood.  I'm actually starting to enjoy this running thing. I weighed in- like always- this past Saturday.  Boooooooom! I was down 6.8lbs for the week! bringing my weight to 337lbs.  A long way from just over 400lbs when I was given the death sentence 6 months ago.  So I push ahead- I'm gonna conquer my challenges and meet my goals- ONE WEEK AT A TIME. 
Goodnight WWW.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Jk.  sorry- this week has been INSANE.  I have been on track all week (so to speak). My cardio goal was to run outside- so I went to the track up at the middle school near my house at night to run.  I like it because it's not so hot, and usually there's no one there to laugh as I run.  I felt a great moment of connection with the track and my feet- they were working together in perfect harmony.  Its almost sensory overload- the cool air on my face, the sound of my feet against the track, the smell of the grass from the football field, the perfect moon shining down to give me just enough light, and the taste of victory on my lips as I round the final lap.

I hope to be down past 340 tomorrow.  I am going to work my butt off tonight to make that happen (well...not literally, know know what I mean.) 
Hoo Ra!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

one road becomes another

Happy (belated) Labor Day wishes to you all.  I am chiming in a little later in the week due to a hectic work schedule and the holiday.  Good news to report- I have broken the dreaded 350 barrier.  I am now 346.0 and the scale continues to drop.  8 weeks down- a lifetime to go.  Like I said from the beginning- This is a lifestyle change! Nothing will ever be the same.   We'll weigh in this week and see if adding some 3.1 mile walks/jogs does anything to the ol' Truth Teller :)

Always moving forward, never looking back,

Monday, August 30, 2010


Wow- another week down- here we are- pushing toward that 8 week mark!  This past Saturday, I had another great weigh in! 3.2 lbs down for the week- that brings me to 350.8lbs.  Wow since April- I've lost 50 lbs! Holy Moly!  Praise God for this!  I feel good- well kinda- today I feel sore :(
I was at the gym this morning- trying to start my week off good and bust out my cardio challenge early.  I was on the StairMaster for less than a minute and suddenly- SNAP! CRASH! OW!  The pin that keeps the driving chain attached to the step on the StairMaster just broke off- it was completely rusted out.  I landed on my right foot- HARD, and it really hurt me- scraped my calf pretty good on the other leg too.  I had to take the elevator down.  My ankle was really sore and started to spasm a little.
I knew right away-  This is an attack!  They are going to fix the StairMaster but it'll be a few days they said.  I need prayer, people.  I need to heal, and I need to get back in the gym and put up a good number this week- No faulty equipment will stop this progress.  Satan will do whatever he can to derail us from a Christ-led course.  I will not stop.  I want to push it extra hard this week- But I don't want to hurt myself and be unable to workout at all!

Barriers, we put them up sometimes- mentally, sometimes- physically we push so hard that it actually builds up a road block to stop us dead in our tracks.  I need to remember- Limits, Discernment and most of all common sense.  I know when it's time to take it easy. 

The road to freedom moves on, with a limp- for now.

Monday, August 23, 2010

T minus...2 weeks

I can see the end of 8 weeks coming- it's all gone by so fast- but I know that the 8 week mark will be a checkpoint- NOT the finish line.  I've got a long way to go still. But on the good stuff!  I weighed in this week and I'm down another 3.6 lbs!  354 lbs even.  I am 3lbs. away from the 50lbs. lost mark!  I will get it this week! I can't wait to see that number each week going down down down.  For my 10 year High School Reunion (in about 3 years)....boy- these people won't even recognize me!  When I look at myself in the mirror- I wonder...will I recognize me when it's all done?  I've never seen myself as anything but Fat- so this could be (will most likely be) pretty shocking. 

God- I give up this week to you- give me the strength to work hard; for me to work harder; to work my hardest and give it all. Amen.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pushing 50

Hello Baseball fans and welcome to....oh wait- wrong blog :) jk. 
I am writing with excitement with joy and with thankfulness, because we have a God that loves us- hears our requests- and delivers!  I weighed in on Saturday- I was expecting a few pounds lost- like 3 tops.  I step on- close my eyes and Matt B. says "Get off the scale- now get back up there" oh boy...I was so afraid in that moment- did I gain?!?! Whats the deal.  This time I kept my eyes open and looked down...357.6 lbs.  That's....carry the one....8.2 lbs lost? WHAT! 8.2 lbs! I was filled with excitement- amazement and surprise all at once.  "That is outstanding!" said Matt B.  (when he says that- I feel like the best kid in class) 

I get measured- and there's more good news! I've lost 6 inches off my handle measurement AND my chest! 
Since the awakening (April 1st), I have lost 44 lbs!  By the end of the program...who knows....I am continually blown away by the awesome transformation that God has put upon me. 

This week, I can't slow down- Gotta keep pushing HARD!  50 lbs. down is right around the corner and I am hot on it's heals!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 4 Weigh In- War on Weight

Saturday morning, I woke up early and weighed myself- looking for another few pounds down- but what I saw made me catch my breath.  WHAT! 370.6 lbs. The scale says I've gained 3 pounds!  WHAT?! WHAT?!?! WHAAT!?!?!?!?  I slumped down off the scale, defeated.  Feeling worthless- for all the work I'd put in, I somehow failed.  This was very suspicious though...I refused to believe it, so with the scale in hand- I went to Matt B.'s house.  I got measured first- bicep was good, chest was good, and handle measurement was a small milestone- I lost an inch :)  I was excited, then nervous...because the scale was next!  I climbed up on the Truth Teller, and closed my eyes-365lbs! I felt lighter than air (kinda) and told Matt B. what I'd found on the scale at home. So we set them side by side and my home scale was exactly 5 lbs heavier on the measurement.  I was worried for nothing. 
We did our strength test- I added 20 lbs to my bench press- making it 10 reps at 110lbs.  My arm was still sore from golfing on Thursday, so my curl number was a little short, but my biggest improvement was the dreaded PLANK.  I previously did 1 min. 10 seconds.  This time as the time was being counted, I reached a minute-ten and felt strong still.  I made it to 1 minute 52 seconds!  YAY for strength- and praise God for giving it to me.  My new cardio goal this week is to go 2.25 miles on the track or treadmill.  Oh Boy!  It's gonna be a week of testing.  Each week is a battle in this lifetime war. 

Hoo Ra!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 3 Weigh-In, Full Steam AHEAD!

A couple days ago was my 3rd weigh in on T8WC.  I was so nervous to touch the scale, after having a small loss last time, I closed my eyes... 367.6 it said.  What! I did it! I killed it. That was a 5.1 lb loss for the week.  I am super pumped.  I also knew that I had a challenge to face- going 2 miles without stopping! This was a 2 week challenge- since we didn't weigh in together, we were going to make a challenge to push ourselves and Matt B. doubled up on my challenge from the previous week.  This morning I went to the gym and after a week of trying to do 2 miles and failing- today, I did it.  I was going on such a good pace, I looked at the total distance and I'd done 2.18 miles straight! I felt an enormous sense of accomplishment and pride- I know that God was carrying me through- giving me strength to press forward.  Matt B. replied to my compliance email (which we do daily), he said only 4 words when I'd mentioned trying to do the 2 miles and getting 1.84 miles on my best attempt- he said "mash down the accelerator" and I took those words to heart. Putting my foot to the floor and giving every ounce I had. 
Thanks for the encouragement Matt B. - O' Captain, my Captain.

Monday: start of a new week.  I feel pumped about the progress that I WILL make this week, I'm gonna go for now.  Thanks to anyone that reads this and sends a little prayer my way.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Tomorrow is Another Day

I have stopped looking at this challenge on a week by week basis.  I was getting stressed out about the weekend, because I want so badly to bring in a good number for weight loss!  I am taking it one day at a time- sticking to the plan, doing my workouts and trusting God for the results.  In the words of my lyrical hero (Mike Herrera) "Tomorrow is another day, another chance to make things right, a chance to fully live your life"

I'm gonna make it. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Alpine Pass

Hello world wide web.  On Saturday I had my second weigh in on T8WC.  I stepped up to the truth teller- uncertain of what I would see.  Hoping that it was a smaller number than last week, but not knowing that the number I saw would be so similar to last weeks...I lost 1 pound.  I felt deflated and confused, but as the guys started talking to me- I felt better.  They said that EVERYONE that has done this program brings back a low weight loss on week 2.  It's totally normal.  In retrospect- I know that I sabotaged myself by not eating Monday.  My body stored all the calories I ate to make up for the ones I'd purged on Monday.

This week is back to the hardcore track! Saturday I was up a the gym after weigh in, and today (Monday) I was up there again- I tried a new course setting on the bike called Alpine Pass, it looks like the outline of a jagged mountain- each peak increases the resistance on the pedals- I did two miles and my legs were burning! 

I am looking forward to working my butt off this week- My new cardio goal is to go 2 miles without walking... Matt B. is a machine! Constantly pushing me- and when this is all said and done- I'm gonna thank him for it.

Hoo Ra!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Victories and Disasters

I made it through the weekend in Las Vegas- staying compliant to the diet- and then...Monday came and I hit a brick wall.  I didn't eat food that was outside of my diet- the problem was- I..didn' Anything.  Monday I was at the Las Vegas Airport at 4:25AM- I had a 7AM Flight, so I didn't eat breakfast- when 10am rolled around- I was going to eat my snack but the
airplane wasn't carrying peanuts (see more about that here).
They only had cookies and pretzels- So I didn't eat my snack- we landed about noon- but we were in a hurry (my friend's baby was there and he was needing a diaper changed!) so we went straight to my house- I was so tired that I just fell asleep once I got into my room- I woke up and my wife had to leave- so I fed the kids, but had NO desire to eat! I was like a zombie (except i didn't want to eat human flesh...)  Just out of it, and couldn't snap back to reality! The next morning I was back on track- went to work and things have been normal since then. I did my cardio challenge for the week (Run/Jog 1 mile on treadmill or track without coming to a walk) It took everything I had- but I did it. Now my left foot has a huge blister, and it's slow to heal since I'm working out every day!
 I hope I didn't sabotage myself.  Just trying to kick it into high gear and bring a good number to the Truth Teller on Saturday.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week 1 Results

Today I went to Matt B.'s house for weigh in.  I was nervous to find out exactly what had happened after one week on my new diet and exercise plan.  I got measured and weighed- here are the results:

*Lost 1/2 inch off my chest measurement

*Lost 1/4 inch off my bicep measurement
*My waist measurement remained the same (but they said that is normal
Total weight lost- 9.6 lbs

I couldn't be happier. I am down to 373. So much hard work comes in week 2- I have to maintain my drive and determination for this challenge!  Thanks to everyone for thinking of me in prayer and also for the verbal motivation I'm getting. 

See you back here for week 2 on Monday!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This challenge is about more than just exercising.  There is a strict eating plan as well.  Being a lover of numerous cuisines, It pains me to deprive myself of the food I love (including that which I grew up eating- like pasta and meatballs, Italian sausage stew, tacos, volcano's and so much more)

Everyday- this is my eating schedule:

Before 8AM-Breakfast: 3 eggs (scrambled or fried)

10AM- Snack: 1/4 cup of Almonds or a Whey Protein shake

12PM- Lunch: 1/4 cup of chicken or steak or any seafood that swims (could be grilled, baked or poached-
just no deep frying) and all the veggies I want

3PM- Repeat Snack

5PM-Dinner: (same rules as lunch)

7PM- Repeat Snack

It's been challenging to see people eating all the food I use to eat, but then again- they are not in my situation.  Even harder was hosting a cookout where we served burgers and hot favorite summertime foods, but I sat and ate my chicken and broccoli and it was okay. This is for my sake- so I can go on living this life.  It won't be forever, but for now- this diet is my new favorite cuisine.  Staying compliant.  Tonight is cardio night at the gym- kick it up a notch, Hoo Ra!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pushed to the Limit

Last night at the gym I ran 1/2 a mile on the track and walked 1/2 a mile, then I accomplished my cardio challenge that Matt B. gave me on Saturday (do 2 miles straight on the bike- and reduce the time it takes). Previously I could do 1 mile on the bike in 12 minutes and I was feeling like I might croak- but this was different.  I had my earphones in and I just pushed it to the max- I closed my eyes and started pedaling furiously.  I had the bike set on the Fat Burner course.  I am sweating profusely and my pulse is racing, I can feel my lungs, legs, and thighs growing tired, but I push harder. Then all the sudden- I open my eyes and the screen says "good workout: Completed Course in: 7min 29sec.  I just busted out 2 miles in less time than I use to do 1 mile...almost 5 minutes less time.  I felt this victory, this sense of accomplishment.  I felt good. 

I reported in last night to the guys of T8WC and got an encouraging message from Matt B.  Now I need to do it again- he encouraged me to continue to push myself and try to meet this challenge at my new time (or better) 

I am not looking back- I am a finisher.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Death Sentance

Let me start by explaining. 

My name is Luke- I am 25 years old.  By your standards- I'm fat, overweight, whatever you want to call it.  By the standards of those in the medical community- I'm Morbidly Obese. 
In April 2010, I visited my doctor and was weighed and examined.  I weighed 401lbs.  I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and told to change my life style and eating habits or I could be facing a premature death.  OUCH.  That has been the harshest conversation I've ever had with my doctor. 

Fast forward to July 1st, my boss informed me that the weight loss accountability program he was participating in was about to start over again, and there was room for more guys in it.  I fluttered with excitement and a little fear (what if I started, but then wimped out??) I got in contact with Matt B. (the guy in charge of the program) and let me tell you- He is intense!  He all but told me I COULDN'T do the program, he tried to convince not to do it- that it was too hard, and too demanding.  He was testing my desire to be in the program.  I pushed ahead.  I was committed to it- i signed a contract and gave my word to stick to the diet and follow the workout routine. 

July 10, 2010- I went to my first meeting for this program, called The 8 Week Challenge.

We weigh in, and get measured (I'm now at 383lbs.) and then Matt introduced me to the group.  There are 10 guys total.  It was a good introduction to the program- there was good support from these guys.  They're all where I am.  Trying to lose weight.

I'm excited for this journey. You can check in weekly to see my updates. 
Here is my Before picture.
I decided to stop shaving until the challenge is over- I want to look drastically different.
Today is day 3 of week 1.  Hoo Ra!