Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Down but Not Out

I am so close to my goal of 199lbs I can taste it.  I have hit that all to familiar wall again though.  I was injured in an auto accident in August and I have had very little time at the CrossFit box as a result of that.  It has been a life changing thing-  I had my routine- my schedule and things seemed to be going really great!  I am so close to hitting a personal goal I set back in December 2011- being able to Deadlift 400lbs (my previous body weight)  I acheived 395lb deadlift one week ago.  But my progress of losing weight and building strength is slow.  My entire right side is in varied amounts of pain from day to day.  I want to do so much but I worry that I'll injure myself more severely. 

With all of this I cannot lose sight of the things I have committed to accomplishing. 

Its getting close to the end of this year and I will not leave anything unfinished.  I MUST- I WILL DO THIS.

16lbs. to go!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Believe and Do

"Though we may fall- we rise again.
Though we may bleed- we heal.
Though we may tire- our movement will not cease.
We are Warriors of the mind and body."

-M.S. Gold

There is a frame of mind- a point of clarity that I came to-it has helped me to push on, to keep going when my body wants to stop- and it is "I WILL"
Instead of "I can" or "I should" or "I Could" I tell myself "I will do this"

When I was born, my parents saw right away that I had a birth deformity.  "Chronic Clubbed Foot"  My ankles were turned in so far that I really had no ankle.  After multiple surgeries to rebuild and repair my broken little feet and Casts and metal pins and special shoes and clinics and Dr. visits feet still didn't quite work.  I should have been unable to walk, but I did- because I wanted something more that what I'd been handed.  I just had to work for it.  I have worked hard, and I'm here... walking.  Sometimes in pain- but that pain is manageable- I can over power that pain, through work- and training- through the therapy of consistency and dedication to my sport, I AM GROWING.  This may seem like a Rant but I'm just trying to make this so clear.  I do- what I do- because I have made the choice to do it.  It didn't come to me easily.  

to those that may read this and seek the magic pill answer to their questions-sorry if you didn't find it here :)

Believe and Do.   

(I am participating in the Kansas Half Marathon on April 22nd.  I wish the Dr.'s (that told my parents they should give up spending money on my feet) were still alive.  Look at me now.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shedding Time

(Side story)
Two Years ago I participated in my first 5K.  I walked, ran and jogged for just under an hour to reach to finish line.  Fast forward to this year (I hadn't really run for any distance since the 5K) I ran 4.04 miles in less time.  Since joining CrossFit Believe, I have made huge strides in my athletic capacity, it's evident.

Main story:
A couple weeks ago My brother and I went for a run- a 2 mile loop, He was hesitant, he didn't think he could make it.  However, we completed it in 30 minutes which included a little rest.    He was super proud of himself for finishing (as was I)

Today we ran 2 miles for time.  My brother and I finished at close to 25 minutes with NO rest.  in the second 1 mile lap, he took the lead and set the pace.  Made me so proud of him.  This just puts a huge smile on my face.  My brother was a 16 year cigarette smoker who quit smoking, joined CrossFit and changed his life.  Today he is an athlete.  Fitness is our sport and I LOVE that he and I are a part of it.

People exchange habits, sometimes bad ones for good ones.  But, They must WANT IT.  THEY must Do it.