Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cold Can't Keep You Down

I haven't had a week where I went in reverse (gaining instead of losing).  That is, until this past weekend.
After a week of illness- losing 12lbs, then losing another 2 the next week, my body finally returned to normal hydration and this past weekend, the truth teller showed me a 0.6 lb gain.  That might not seem like much, you might be like "LUKE it's LESS THAN A POUND! Quit freakin out!"  But.  I can't get it out of my head that I gained.  I take it as a challenge- This week I have been busting my butt at the gym- just really trying to do what Matt B. talks about- Going till failure.   I have been doing that. 

This morning I had a little encouragement from a stranger.  I was on the elliptical just doing my thing, and this older guy on the elliptical next to me says "Wow! You're really pluggin' away on that, aren't you?"  I smiled and told him "Yep, I'm trying".  He said "you've lost a lot of weight haven't you?  How much have you lost?"
When I told him 85lbs he said "You can really tell, I've seen you up here working out- every day don't you?"
I told him 6 days a week- and he told me it was great to see the progress.

Now, I don't know this guy from Adam.  He's just a stranger- but I know- that God uses people in our circles to give us encouragement, even if we don't know they're watching.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Pound for Pound

Wow! What a week- This past week was crazy.  Getting back to the gym after being sick was really tough- but really good.  I hit my cardio goal!!  40 Minutes on the elliptical (20 on level 12, 20 on level 13.) 
My beautiful girls had their birthdays (Natalia on the 14th and Cecilia's on the 17th) So it was a good week all around. 

I lost 2 lbs .  I'm feeling good- and I know I'm going to break the 300lb mark really soon!  I have found some great ways to stay on top of my diet and still enjoy the food. (Most people think that eating healthy means eating bland foods---this isn't true!! Healthy can taste really, really good!)
If you want to see some recipes-just go to my other blog (

Take care everyone.
Be smart, Live strong-


Monday, October 11, 2010

Train Keeps a Rollin'

Well, after a one week sickness-fest at the LoChiano house- we're still kinda feeling sick.  I (Luke) am feeling much better.  Leah is still feeling some of the symptoms.  Keep praying that she makes a full recovery soon!   I went to the TRUTH TELLER on Saturday and weighed in.   I took the dehydration/starvation pretty hard- I actually lost 12 lbs.  Now- hear me when I say this- I DO NOT ENDORSE OR APPROVE STARVATION WEIGHT LOSS, IT'S A REACTION TO AN UNHEALTHY BODY. NOT A WEIGHT LOSS PLAN!!!

Having said that-  I know, that I will probably gain some of that back- since I can drink the right amount of water and eat pretty normally again (back on plan).  and that is fine!  I am happy to be back.

just thinking:
We always say the excuses in our head (I'm too tired to workout, I'm hungry, I deserve this snack, I had a hard day and I need this!)  But that's where those thoughts and excuses have to stay.  They can't impact us or make us react negatively towards ourselves. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Okay- on Monday morning, Leah and I both started feeling really bad- like achy, sore, tired, nauseous, headaches (FLU) or so we thought.

Tuesday: I couldn't function as a human,  I barely made it out of bed to get something to drink with the Tylenol.  I ate nothing, I drank practically nothing all day and night- just miserable, and poor Leah, not feeling good- but she had babysitting kids to turn away.  Wednesday:  after another grueling night and early morning we decided to go into the Dr. because we were both severely dehydrated.  after 3 hours of waiting, we were given IV fluids, nausea meds, antibiotics, and I had the unpleasant luck of having to drink a "GI Cocktail"  Which is a Maalox, peptobismol and oral lidocaine.  YUK!  made me gag a little. 
After all the labs came back on our blood- the doc thinks we may have Hepatitis A- not the flu. 
for more info go here.
it's not a airborne virus or anything so don't freak out.  We're on medicine that should fix it.  We'll see...
Thursday: we are at home, feeling slightly better, but not out of the woods yet.
Pray for us both- As the day wears on, I'm feeling less and less healed, and I'm sure Leah's feeling pretty bad too.