Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Keep on Going!

Well, I had another loss this week- Praise God.  2.4lbs down this last week.  I want to do better though... when you lose 7 lbs one week and 2 the next you start wanting those big loss numbers!!  My new cardio goal is to go 1 hour on the elliptical.  This should be interesting.  Took a shot at that this morning- made it 30 minutes (2 miles) and was just tired.  I need to hydrate better before and during my long cardio workouts.  I have started stretching better- and that has helped. 
I love the results I'm seeing.  I got my hair cut today- and I hadn't seen the stylist in several months- the first thing she said to me was "you're looking really good, have you lost weight?"  Those comments never get old. 
Gotta keep going to the end of the road- how long that will take I don't know, but I do know this...
I can do ALL things, through Christ, who strengthens me.


Monday, September 20, 2010

under par (in a bad way)

I had a hard last week.  I found out my running skills aren't as good as I thought they were. 
I had been under the assumption that 10 laps at the gym was a mile- well....it's actually 14.  So I recommitted myself to running at the outdoor track and running a 1 mile loop in my neighborhood.  I'm actually starting to enjoy this running thing. I weighed in- like always- this past Saturday.  Boooooooom! I was down 6.8lbs for the week! bringing my weight to 337lbs.  A long way from just over 400lbs when I was given the death sentence 6 months ago.  So I push ahead- I'm gonna conquer my challenges and meet my goals- ONE WEEK AT A TIME. 
Goodnight WWW.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Jk.  sorry- this week has been INSANE.  I have been on track all week (so to speak). My cardio goal was to run outside- so I went to the track up at the middle school near my house at night to run.  I like it because it's not so hot, and usually there's no one there to laugh as I run.  I felt a great moment of connection with the track and my feet- they were working together in perfect harmony.  Its almost sensory overload- the cool air on my face, the sound of my feet against the track, the smell of the grass from the football field, the perfect moon shining down to give me just enough light, and the taste of victory on my lips as I round the final lap.

I hope to be down past 340 tomorrow.  I am going to work my butt off tonight to make that happen (well...not literally, but...you know know what I mean.) 
Hoo Ra!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

one road becomes another

Happy (belated) Labor Day wishes to you all.  I am chiming in a little later in the week due to a hectic work schedule and the holiday.  Good news to report- I have broken the dreaded 350 barrier.  I am now 346.0 and the scale continues to drop.  8 weeks down- a lifetime to go.  Like I said from the beginning- This is a lifestyle change! Nothing will ever be the same.   We'll weigh in this week and see if adding some 3.1 mile walks/jogs does anything to the ol' Truth Teller :)

Always moving forward, never looking back,