Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shedding Time

(Side story)
Two Years ago I participated in my first 5K.  I walked, ran and jogged for just under an hour to reach to finish line.  Fast forward to this year (I hadn't really run for any distance since the 5K) I ran 4.04 miles in less time.  Since joining CrossFit Believe, I have made huge strides in my athletic capacity, it's evident.

Main story:
A couple weeks ago My brother and I went for a run- a 2 mile loop, He was hesitant, he didn't think he could make it.  However, we completed it in 30 minutes which included a little rest.    He was super proud of himself for finishing (as was I)

Today we ran 2 miles for time.  My brother and I finished at close to 25 minutes with NO rest.  in the second 1 mile lap, he took the lead and set the pace.  Made me so proud of him.  This just puts a huge smile on my face.  My brother was a 16 year cigarette smoker who quit smoking, joined CrossFit and changed his life.  Today he is an athlete.  Fitness is our sport and I LOVE that he and I are a part of it.

People exchange habits, sometimes bad ones for good ones.  But, They must WANT IT.  THEY must Do it.  

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