Monday, December 19, 2011

An Old Friend

Wow- it has been 4 months since I last updated this blog- and believe me- a lot has happened since then.  I moved back to the town that grew up in.  A shocking reentry into the old habits I use to have.  I started smoking again, quit working out and ate very little to compensate.  It was working- I got down to 229 lbs  but when starvation got old, I ate. And it all came back- I went back up to 245lbs.  Depressed, discouraged and (seemingly) defeated- I turned to Christ for strength.  I had sought strength in cigarettes, myself, the world and the gym  but NONE of those worked.  I needed real community- I needed accountability- I needed to finish what I started.  I started talking with an old friend from high school (Alan Joyner).  I followed him on facebook and saw how he was involved in a group called CrossFit.  (  I saw his amazing progress and fitness capabilities and I wanted to know more about it- I wanted to be apart of something again.  So when the opportunity came up (December 5th) I took the plunge and joined CrossFit Believe.  
 (45lb Kettle Bell Swings)

I have learned that being "out of it" for only a few months REALLY set me back (as my mentor Matt B. warned me about) I am really feeling incredible these days.  Feeling strong, feeling confident and I have a goal in mind that is more realistic for my height and build.  BMI is a ghost- no one knows why they're chasing it- why they want to have that "normal" bmi.  I guess it's because the majority of the people out there want whats normal.  guess I want to do what's best.  199lbs is my new goal.  Lean, Strong,  and Athletic. 

My challenge for 2012 is to hit 199lbs and maintain it.  

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