Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What, Why, How

Hello friends- I've gotta say, Last week was a stalemate. I Gained 1lb.  I feel like I was retaining water- despite working out very hard.  As Matt B. reminded me- this is a test of character- continue to push- don't let this trip you up or slow you down.  The body goes through this periodically- I'd lost almost 3X the amount of weight (that I'm "supposed to" the week before, so I'm not worried about it)
This week has been right on track- Despite the enemy's attacks at every turn- I remain diligent.

A thought occurred to me-
Every day we are faced with what seems like an immeasurable amount of choices.  From the second that you wake up, you make choices.  I choose when to get out of bed.  I choose what clothes I'll wear, what shoes, when to eat, what to eat, which way to go to work, should I speed up at that Yellow light or slow down, what words I'll say, and how I'll say them, and so on and so on.  So I asked myself- "What are the answers to 3 questions that most any decision takes into consideration-
WHAT am I doing?  WHY am I doing it?  and HOW will I do it?"

With all the changes and choices I make and have made to my lifestyle, I can answer these questions.

WHAT am I doing?  I am allowing transformation to occur in my heart. Doing that transforms my attitude, which motivates me to improve myself (mentally, spiritually, and physically).
WHY am I doing it?  To show the world that the power of Christ is real.  That ALL things are possible, through Jesus.
HOW will I do it?  By committing myself to live up to my full, God breathed potential. 

We are all made in the image and likeness of God. 

God didn't make me unhealthy, fat, and broken.  I did that to myself.  And because my heart, mind and spirit are being transformed from their destructive ways- I CHOOSE to live a life that is More healthy, more focused, and more productive.

Today- make good choices- driven by prayer and full understanding; not impulse and cloudy judgement.  Today I choose to press on.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Hello faithful,
I am writing today with Joy in my heart.  I had a phenomenal weekend and Good news to report. 
But let's back up a little bit there!  The last time I'd written I was 267lbs.  Since then- I weighed 263lbs two weeks ago, a great week full of sweat and tears on the elliptical. It was crazy. 
I spent this past weekend with my Dad for his 75th birthday.  I saw my Sisters from Texas and their husbands.  So there was a ton of positive comments and encouragement from them.  My dad told me he was proud of me for the work I'd done in making myself healthier (Which is better than any gold star you got in grade school).

I weighed in this past week 258lbs! that is a 5.8lb loss, which (in the words of Matt B.) is a Fantastic week.  I really think my metabolism is working properly.  So, eating right and the hard work at the gym is paying off. 

I am excited to do some spring time activities.  Playing on the church softball team, going golfing with my brother, and just getting outdoors with my kids on a regular basis to walk, run and play. 

This spring in my step is due to the continued outpouring of God's beautiful, wonderful, generous, and unending mercy.  Praise God for His work in me.

74lbs to go!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Stand and Deliver

I promised my leader 269lbs.  With the blessing of God's gift to me in strength and determination- I showed up at 267lbs!  I felt like I could scream it was so exciting!  With a new challenge around ever turn, and the temptation of old stumbling blocks- I have to remind myself of this phrase "I am the God's".
Food was my idol, I leaned on food for comfort, strength, reassurance, affirmation, and consistency.  Food is always around.

This life transformation isn't about starving.  Its not about obsessing.  Its about seeing- truly- for the first time, what living is all about.  I am alive for the right reasons.  I live for the right reasons.  I workout and eat right for the right reasons.  To show that I am God's.  and that He will do great works and miracles in those that lean on HIM instead of the idols of this life.

I was listening to a really good song called "Tip the Scales" by Rise Against.  The song just pumps me up beyond belief.  check it out- if you find the time.

I am going places I've never gone before with this idea in mind.  "live like no one else" 
We'll see what tomorrow holds for me.

83lbs to go!