Wednesday, May 18, 2011

At Some Point, Something Went Wrong.

When I was a kid (I use that term- knowing that I'm only 26, and you might still think I'm just a kid)
I cannot remember seeing commercials for fast food and restaurants that served the kind of food that is acceptable today. When I see advertising for a double bacon cheeseburger that has deep fried onion rings stuffed in it, and then you get a side of onion rings with it, plus a big sugary soda, I think- how many calories is that?!? But you could get one with deep fried jalapenos in it and instead of onion rings you could get fries or tater tots, or chili fries, or chili cheese fries covered in bacon and extra cheese.

I could seriously barf just thinking about all the garbage that is for sale at these "restaurants", that’s kinda funny, because Is it really considered cooking when all you're doing is reheating pre-cooked, pre-made food? No. it's not.

When I saw this ad, I became angry- because this is what is seen by not only Me- a grown up, but KIDS- MY KIDS. Kids that don't know better, so they think this food looks GOOD. When it is really just JUNK, GARBAGE, TRASH. This would wreck your system if you ate it. If you took a person and fed them mass amounts of calories, sugar, carbs, and fat in a (very generous) 20 minute time span, they could become very sick. When I weighed over 400lbs. I might have eaten this very meal- and felt AWFUL afterwards, but I didn't care.

I guess that’s what changed- somewhere along the way, you either decide to Care what you're eating or not Care.

Do you care?

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