Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Has Been Lost Shall Never Return

OH MY GOSH!  It seems like it's been forever since I posted, and for that- I'm Sorry.

So much has happened in the past month....where to begin?
Lets go in chronological order.  March started out with a 2lb loss- taking me to 272lbs., Then on Wednesday, March 9th- After 14yrs of having thyroid issues, I had the right side of my Thyroid removed (along with a goiter that was 4.5 inches long x 1.5 inches wide (since i don't have real picture- I made a really crummy drawing of what it was shaped like)

that procedure resulted in this little souvenir

it also caused me to gain 10lbs (in water weight) putting me at 282lbs for the second week of the month.
I haven't noticed a huge change so far except for the lump being gone. 
I couldn't eat much of anything that was good for me (or at all), and I was so messed up from the pain medicine I was taking I couldn't work out.  I had to remind myself- recovery and healing was first and most important thing.  Nothing was going to derail my progress however.  So the next week I came to weigh in (unsure of what I would find).  Much to my surprise- I had lost all of that water weight and then some.  I was 271lbs! 
10lbs. of water weight gone and 1lb for good measure :)

This week I am committing myself to staying right on track- I started back to the gym on Monday for Cardio.  I can't do any upper body weight lifting for a while.  I continue to work on core and legs.  I have Committed to Matt B. that I will come in at 269lbs or lower this weekend. 

Pray for my determination- that it wouldn't slow down.  Something that this who process has taught me it that there is NO problem that you can't overcome.  You just have to do the work that is necessary.  THE WEIGHT WON'T JUST COME OFF (and stay off) BY ITSELF,  You gotta want it- Badly.

87lbs to go!