Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When I Was 16

I was 5'11 and I weighed 281lbs.  I know because I got my drivers permit on my 16th birthday. 
Flash forward 9 Years, it's my 25th birthday- I'm 6'and I weigh over 400lbs.  That's more than a growth spurt.  This is my license photo from when I moved to Lee's Summit- they carried over the info from my permit to every license I've had since.  It still says 5'11 and 281lbs. 

Both of those are still wrong- I'm 6'. but I weigh 280lbs now.  Yeah- Less than I did when I was 16 Years Old. 
I'm gonna do a little count down from here on out till I hit my goal weight of 184 lbs.

96 to go!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Bu-di-du-det-dut-da! Yeah!  It's 2011- And we're back in the blog action with some serious motivation for the year. 
I'm proud to report that at my last weigh in I was down to 282.8lbs- That puts me 98lbs away from my goal weight!  I WILL DO IT IN 2011!!   AHHH!!! I'M SO PUMPED!!  New changes in my life/health arena.  I am happy to say that I am OFF of the blood pressure meds that were prescribed for me back in April.  Yay!  When I started this whole thing- I was wearing size 50 jeans and a 5XL coat.

I am now wearing size 40 jeans and a XL coat. (and That feels AMAZING!!!!!) 

To be able to shop right off the rack at a store is crazy- not having to special order or go to the big and tall section (if they had one)

I'm feeling like my energy is way up- I'm much more focused , day to day. 
Here's the serious stuff.
With all of this- comes heart changes.  Besides the obvious physical changes to my heart, my relationships have been effected too.  I can't act like they are untouched.  Some are stronger than ever before.  I feel a sense of approval that I've never seen from some people.  I also feel the daggers sometimes.  This year- I want to complete my physical journey- get to my goal weight.  But I want to see improvement in my relationships each week also.  Only through the moving of the Holy Spirit, is this possible. 
Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank you for what you've done in my life, what you're doing in my heart and what you've already planned out for my future.  I want to dedicate myself to spiritual health this year- along with my physical health.  Let me see the opportunities to grow- and let me take advantage of them.  Keep me strong, keep me focused on my course.  Be with the ones I love- so they could grow in their love and relationship with you, by my example. 

In Jesus' name- Amen.